Invoking New Dimensional Thinking through Abstract Painting

Invoking New Dimensional Thinking through Abstract Painting

Art is considered as the divine creation of the artist. It is powerful than swords and meaningful than words. Perception and creativity go hand in hand, and this holds in the case of abstract art. The beauty of abstract paintings lies beyond its literal meanings.

Art is considered as the divine creation of the artist. It is powerful than swords and meaningful than words. Perception and creativity go hand in hand, and this holds in the case of abstract art. The beauty of abstract paintings lies beyond its literal meanings.

Some may perceive abstract art paintings as some splashes of paints on a canvas. Others might look beyond the portrayal and thus, they would be able to connect the dots and comprehend what the artist wanted to convey. In simple means, you need to have a critical thinking capacity to understand the true meaning of these paintings and artworks.

Some of us might feel frustrated when you don't understand the meaning behind the paintings. You would understand the frustration if you have been to a painting exhibition and stood in front of art for hours to figure out what the artist meant.

Abstract painting uses shapes, colours, forms, and patterns to portray a theme instead of using real-life objects—the literal meaning of obscure points to withdrawing something from something else. True to the purpose, in abstract art, real life is portrayed without representing the real-life objects and characters. Instead, a vague depiction of these things is done.

Thus, the abstract wall art looks simple yet conveys a lot of meaning. To the one who can understand the concept behind the picture or painting is everything.

Abstract art doesn’t have a particular theory

It is a fact that when you stare at an abstract painting for a few minutes, your brain will flood with concepts and theories. Abstract art need not be from a specific genre or theory; it can be even showcasing a mixture of approaches. Thus, the viewers might perceive different things, and at times it may be easy to figure out, and at other times, you would have to sweat a bit.

The artist can depict whatever he wants, and it is up to him to decide what all shapes and patterns, he wants to portray the message he has in mind. You wouldn't find a universal law stating the meaning of particular forms, and it should only be used to depict that object or message. Instead, a simple shape can take up different interpretations, sometimes even in the same painting.

When you think likewise, you would be able to figure out some clues from the painting. When more and more efforts are taken to grasp the exact meaning behind the picture, you start to reason more deeply. Once you become familiar with some paintings, you would be able to see the meaning behind each different object and creations around you.

Abstract art can’t be explained

Not all abstract paintings have precise meanings or theories behind it. Some pictures are based on incomplete theories, and it is up to the viewers to give it their interpretation. Just like the fingers of the hand, the perceptions also vary. Thus, this means that a piece of abstract art may hold different meanings and theories.

Art isn’t something that should be described. People need to develop their thinking, and imaginary skills to figure out the essence of the art. The soul of the art sinks deep into you once you figure it out yourself. When someone explains an artwork, the explanation is a mirror of his perceptions. Due to this reason, there arise arguments when painting or artwork is talked about in groups.

It is right to say that you require to explore the other side of yourself, to understand an artwork. View an artwork just like how you enjoy a beautiful musical composition. You would not cling onto the notes, instead, allow yourself to indulge in it as it goes. In the same way, try to involve in the artwork instead of clinging onto the patterns or shapes. Let your eyes and heart do the work— flow with the colours, and the twists and turns of the designs. Eventually, you would realize the meaning hidden in the artwork.

If you have observed the paintings that usually decorate an interior living space or workspace, there are at least two to three abstract paintings. A simple abstract art consisting of shapes and patterns alone, can soothe your eyes as well as your brain and provide more relief than an intricate painting.

Helps to develop new dimensional thinking

Been to an abstract paintings’ exhibition? You would notice that there would be pin-drop silence and might have noticed people looking at an artwork without blinking their eyes for quite some period. When you get a chance walk up to them and ask what they perceived from the painting? They would never bother to explain it. It is because understanding an artwork requires not only your brain, but you need to let yourself feel. You can only understand it if you are really into it and are extremely passionate about these kinds of wall paintings.

Even if you are not passionate about it, but have some interest, you would be able to figure out a thing or two about these paintings. Here is the tip. Please focus on the colours and its flow instead of the pattern or shapes that encircle it. Following the flow of colours can help you take to another world. When you start feeling the beauty of the colours, you would eventually come in terms with the patterns and slowly understand it.


Abstract art isn't a subject, to be mastered, overnight. If you were able to figure out what ten paintings mean, it doesn't mean that you would take less time to understand similar kinds of paintings from then on. The more you spend time with the painting, the more engrossed you become to figure out the meaning and concepts. So, it isn't exactly based on experience as well. Therefore, if you are into the new world of abstract art, be ready to be amazed, surprised, confused and finally frustrated!

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