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Advanced Features For a Successful Dating App

Two people meeting at a place for the first time, which leads to a beautiful love story. How many movies and books have shown you this thing over and over again?

Countless! Yes, we already know that.

Digitization has changed the world completely, and the dating scenario is no different. Today, there are a number of dating apps and websites where individual youngsters head to find some love and romance. In fact, dating apps have given rise to a whole new market, which Statista reports is projected to touch $3,241 million in the year 2021.

Not a small number by any means!

Online dating apps have made it highly convenient for everybody to meet new people even while staying in their homes. If you are friends with single people, you will already be aware that they have been on at least one dating app at least once, and some of them will have used more than one such app.

On the flip side, despite the surge in popularity of these apps, single people don’t usually succeed in finding the perfect match for themselves. The biggest reason for such a lackluster functionality can be due to a weak matchmaking algorithm. This is why an online dating app needs to have a proper preference-based algorithm with also something extra.

The Need for Advanced Dating Apps

As far as mobile app development goes, the benefits are only ripe when there is something unique to hook the users. The competition is pretty intense, no doubt, which makes it all the more important to have an advanced, future-proof app at all costs.

Added Features for Online Dating Apps

We will take you through some truly advanced dating app features to make sure that your app enjoys popularity from the very beginning- 

Verification of User Profiles

The core motive of any app that allows people to meet also needs to take the safety of every single user into account. Connecting with new people sounds pretty exciting, but also invokes a sense of fear as well.

This is where a feature that verifies the authenticity of user-profiles becomes essential. Through this feature, users can either upload their identification documents or through mail or contact number, or even both.

Profile verification will make your app gain trust among users who are looking to get into online dating.

Conversation Starters

Without a doubt, making the first move is always an issue of dilemma. This happens because a lot of people are not sure of the right approach to actually start a conversation with someone. There are quite a few dating applications that have the feature of starting conversations that act as ‘icebreakers’.

This feature should always have liners that can be customized according to the user profiles.

Putting in a Live Video Chat Feature

Straightaway meeting a match is not something people are comfortable with during the initial stage. In case of a match, it would be much better if people could actually interact over online calls and messages before the actual meeting.

A little later after the first chat, a live video-chat feature will help them decide better if they really wish to meet the other person or not. It can be a pretty important feature in such an app.

Profile Analytics Feature

This feature would surely be a big one for all users who would want to know how they are performing in the online dating world. Analytics for user profiles will help them determine if there is a scope for further improvement in the profile to get more matches and recommendations.

Tracking profile performance will surely become one of the top features for your online dating app.

Incorporating Gamification

In the media and entertainment app development arena, gamification is a rage today. By including gamification in a mobile dating application, your app becomes more entertaining as a package.

Through different games, the app’s user engagement levels can be ensured nicely, which is an absolutely big plus.


By including some or all of the above-mentioned features within your matchmaking app, you can definitely help your users in finding a suitable match. The online dating scenario is on the rise, which makes it the best time to get your dating app idea on the mobile app stores.

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