Budget Laptop Buying Guide in India

Budget Gaming Laptop Buying Guide in India

A Detailed Guide to Buying the best gaming laptop in India, along with buying link to the top on eCommerce site

Going for a Gaming laptop these days can be a very hectic and time taking thing. A few years back if you wanted to buy a gaming laptop you just had to spend lots of money on that laptop.


But as of now, we can see that gaming laptops are starting from even the 50k range. Earlier we didn't have so many options. But that's what technology is. It's always improving and becoming more and more improved on regular basis.


Now the thing is what you should look for when you buy a laptop as you are investing a whole lot of money.


You can't focus on a particular specification or feature while buying a laptop in this range. As if you focus on one, you will have to compromise on other specification


Best gaming laptop under 60000


Always the priority to look for while buying a laptop. We look for Snapdragon processors most of the time. As in the laptop, we can upgrade other features, but we can't upgrade a processor.


On laptops, we have two brands for processors. The first one is Intel which is liked by everybody these days. In our list above we have laptops mostly with Intel processors.


In this 60k range, you will get Intel Core i5 9th Gen mostly. We have one laptop with an i3 processor but there you will be getting hybrid storage.


But again we have a laptop with Intel Core i7. In AMD processors we tried to add all laptops with AMD Ryzen 7 series or 5 series. So these are the best processors you will be getting in this range.


Best gaming laptop under 70000


This again can be an important factor as per user in this range. But everyone needs good graphics always. Yeah, gamers and video or pic editors need higher graphics, and the coder can settle with lower ones too.


In this range, you have NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. We all know that graphics cards are costly and it can increase your budget.

There is a graphics card which costs even 1 lakh Rs. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 should be the best graphics card in this range.

Also, you must consider the graphics card and the monitor’s refresh rates. As they should match for better results.


Best gaming laptop under 50000

CPU and GPU Memory

CPU memory means your RAM size. As we all know that RAM is related to your laptop speed. It is all about the speed of your laptop which in turn is related to multitasking of the laptop.

SO if the RAM is less you will not be able to multitask properly. You must go for a higher RAM. Anyways you can always upgrade your RAM.


In this range, you can maximum get 8GB DDR4 RAM. This is enough to provide you with a seamless and lag-free experience.

GPU memory is related to your graphics card. Here in this 60k range, you can get NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 cards to come with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM. And this will enough for a great experience.


Best gaming and working laptop under 80000


Storage matters, as without much storage you will not be able to save many things on your laptop. And it may start lagging if the storage is full.


So you have options like HDD, SSD, or hybrid (HDD + SSD both) storage. If you get pure HDD storage, at least you must have 1TB storage.


While if you opt for SSD just 512GB SSD storage is enough. As SSD ensures a faster performance than HDD.

In a hybrid, you may get 1TB + 256/512GB SSD storage in this range which is not available much.


The display is again one of the important criteria. As you need to see it the whole time either you are working, playing games, or any other work.


So display must be good else your eyes may get affected. You need a high-quality display with a standard size that is at least 15.6 inches.

But yes if you have a 14-inch laptop that also will do great. In this 60k range gaming laptop, you can get a display with 15-15.6 inches with a 1920X1080 pixel resolution.


Along with this, you can have features like anti-glare and IPS facility screens.


Apart from these criteria, you can also look for Keyboard, Battery Life, Cooling technology, etc. These criteria depend on users to the user and you can easily choose the best among these features.

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