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How to Build Your Own Education-Based Mobile Application Like Kahoot?

Mobile applications have become a trend and there’s no activity left for which you’ll have to travel distances, because of availability of everything online. Anything and everything can be accessed online via apps, which has made everyone’s lives much easier and relaxed. 

COVID-19 refrained everyone from moving outdoors, which impacted everyone’s day-to-day activities. Education industry could have experienced a massive loss; however, here’s when it rather grabbed the opportunity and turned it into an advantage via e-learning mobile apps. 

“Education must not simply teach work- it must teach life.” Therefore, the e-learning industry gained immense popularity by offering an experience of sitting at user’s comfort place and learning. Not only this, but there’s a lot more that can be achieved when it comes to e-learning and entrepreneurs are digging deep to grab that opportunity. 

So, are you looking forward to diving deep into the ocean and determine the right e-learning mobile application idea for yourself? But first you must have knowledge about various aspects of the industry. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Advantages of eLearning Apps 

1. Boosts User Commitment 

Education that happens within the four walls might not let learners grow to their complete potential. Textbook cramming is just a method to put the information in one’s mind and not really understanding its emphasis. 

On the other hand, e-learning applications like Kahoot integrate fun games that achieve two goals- gaming elements make education interesting and learners understand the concept easily. 

Furthermore, the addition of elements like sound, graphics, and more, can make the mobile application more intriguing for the users, leading to improved user engagement. 

2. Cuts Down Expenses and Saves Time 

One of the biggest advantages of using e-learning applications is that it reduces paperwork, saving a lot of money. Additionally, students don’t have to prepare their notes as e-books and test papers can be downloaded directly from the app. 

3. Easy Access 

As mentioned above, e-learning apps have a tremendous role to play in delivering education while students attend classes from the comfort of their homes. There’s no need to travel distances and students can opt for any course and time slot, as per their availability. In short, educational apps like Kahoot bridges the gap between teachers and students. 

Must-Have Features of an E-Learning Mobile Application

Here are a few most important features you must integrate into your e-learning mobile application:

  • Live Gaming 

Do you want students and teaches to connect and make the session interesting? What’s better than adding a live gaming feature that’ll enable educators to organize gaming sessions for their students. These games can help teachers assess the basic understanding and concept-clarity amongst students, making it easier to determine their strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Online Quiz 

Online quiz creators consist of a question bank from which teachers can opt for the questions they want to include while creating a quiz. Additionally, these quizzes can be build interesting with the help of high-quality videos and graphics from the library. 

  • Report Management

e-learning mobile apps reduce paperwork, making it convenient for the teachers to maintain online reports. Reports can be created using a spreadsheet, which can be accessed by students to track their performance. Additionally, these reports can be shared with other staff members to keep everyone updated about the performance of the children.

Monetization Strategies You Can Adopt for an E-Learning Mobile App  

Are you not well-informed about the monetization strategies you could adopt to earn money via an e-learning mobile application? Well, not anymore! Here are the best monetization approaches you can adopt, so keep reading to know more. 

1. Pay-Per-Course 

Every individual has a different skillset and interest. Therefore, adding numerous courses to the app from which learners can opt to learn will reap exceptional benefits. Moreover, selling courses individually will enable a personalized experience for the students. 

2. Subscription Tiers 

 One of the best methods of monetizing is to integrate various subscription plans from which learners can opt and pay monthly. Every plan’s features may vary according to its price; therefore, making it easy for users to opt for what’s best for them.

3. Advertise Other Institutes or Training Centres 

You can create an opportunity for other educational institutes by promoting them on your platform and charge for the advertisement. The cost for each ad can vary depending upon its running time. 

4. Provide Exclusive Study Material 

You may include additional study material which students can buy online. Apart from all the e-books and other material included with the course, you can offer test papers or practice papers in exchange for an amount. 

Cost of Development of an E-Learning Mobile App Like Kahoot 

The development cost of a mobile application doesn’t depend on a single factor. In fact, it depends upon numerous factors which you must keep in mind before estimating the cost. A few most important factors are as mentioned below:

1. Business Model

In today’s world, every business is trying to move ahead of its competitors and to do the same, a high-defined business model is required. Creating a business model keeps in mind all aspects from idea generation to marketing, which enables you to estimate app development cost. 

2. Application Type and Platform

The type of application, for instance, Native or Hybrid, directly affects the cost of development. Furthermore, the platform you opt for the app- iOS, Android, or both also contribute to the app development cost. 

3. Complications Involved in App Development 

The app complexity is directly proportional to the size and features of the app that’ll be included. Therefore, to estimate the cost, write down the features that you want to integrate and it’ll make the estimation process easier. 

4. Developer’s Cost

Application developer’s cost varies from region-to-region and country-to-country. Therefore, it is an important deciding factor when it comes to cost estimation. 

Wrapping Up 

No wonder, developing an application that is as efficient and outstanding as Kahoot will demand a lot of time and effort. If you want to compete with all the existing opponents in the market, it is more than important to understand the gameplay and strategies adopted by them. Also, figure out the features other apps lack so you can work on the same and come up with something unique for the users. 

Can’t manage all the activities alone? Don’t worry! Connect with the best mobile app development company today so they can help you on your road to success. Till then, think of more ideas to integrate the development plan.

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