Covid-19 Travel Updates

Important Updates For Safe Travel from ITH

International Travel Houses ensures that customers stay updated time to time with the most recent updates on what they do and how they value passenger safety, contactless movement etc.

International Travel House (ITH) is a responsible travel company, committed to meet your travel requirements during these worrying times. Taking one step at a time, ITH has created unique opportunities for travellers focusing on safety measures and hygiene, in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government.

Tourism, airlines, and travel companies are all facing an unprecedented challenge due to the pandemic.  However, at ITH, experts know that following guidelines is the only way to ensure travellers the safety and comfort of moving in these tough times. Taking utmost care of these requirements, ITH has come up with safe driveable gateways adhering to the quarantine rules of the respective states. In addition, as always, they are masters in accommodation solutions, private airport transfers, and emergency travel services.

As a four-decade-old company, ITH did not leave any stones unturned to build and cover the entire network of the country. With 39 offices across 19 cities in India, they are the most trusted travel house in the country. Regardless of where you want to go, a trusted travel house gives you the comfort and peace of mind of travelling amidst this ongoing crisis.


Travel & Quarantine Rules

With Covid-19 being omnipresent, the government of respective states is making stricter quarantine rules. Different states are having different sets of rules, depending on the rising number of cases. While thermal screening and Arogya Setu app are mandatory for everyone across every step, 14 days home quarantine is the new normal for almost all states. For international travellers, however, some states make institutional quarantine a mandatory rule.

ITH, on their end, makes sure travellers do not face any challenges on the way or upon arriving at their destination. Experts take charge of every single aspect of the movement of an individual or a family, to make it comfortable and hassle-free, without any fear or apprehension.


Contactless Movement

The most visible change is a shift towards contactless travel from airports to hotels and vice versa. Even with stringent cleaning protocols right in place, presenting travel documents and touching different surfaces through check-in, security, and boarding, the risk of getting infected for travellers and staff still remains.

Automation is expected across all these sectors. While biometrics is widely accepted as the ultimate solution for identity verification, the use of physical fingerprint sensors and hand scanners have to be phased out.  

In fact, ITH aims to introduce more touchless options such as contactless fingerprint sensor, face recognition and iris recognition at every step of verification. The Government is already in the process of testing touchless data-entry like document scanning, gesture control, and voice commands. However, proper care must be taken to make sure these technologies are all-inclusive and to get rid of the risk of potential biases.


Digital Travellers

Many organizations and travel houses are already using the advanced digital medium to assist travellers. ITH is also fully equipped to accept this new normal and help travellers adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour and regain trust. The key to realise the concept of touchless travel lies in integrated digital identity solutions. They are also planning to draw on several data points in order to assess the risk profile of a traveller efficiently, thus enabling them to manage their risks in real-time.


Emergency Travel Services

Emergencies can happen at any given point in time. The primary goal of ITH is to facilitate those in an emergency and minimize its impact.

Travellers usually have a lot of things in their minds. The role of ITH is to ensure that they need not worry about how they would get to the meeting. With this service, you need not worry about one thing.

ITH’s emergency travel services have exceeded the expectations of clients. A professional and capable team stands prepared to serve clients that need 24-hour travel assistance. It provides more than just emergency travel services. Travellers are aware of their emergencies, any delays or lags in travel time through a real-time messaging system, and much more.

International Travel House makes safe exit plans possible for travellers moving across domestically or internationally.


Collaboration Is the Key

During these testing times, when unprecedented changes are taking place, both government and the travel industry have an opportunity to redefine travelling. It is time to build a more agile, sustainable, and resilient industry. Collaboration is the only possible and feasible means to achieve this.

International Travel House, along with the Government and stakeholders, should cooperate and try to accelerate the use of the latest digital technologies. In addition, they should develop a cohesive policy following the legal regime around digital technology deployment that balances the protection of public health and civil liberties.

Another challenge is to make sure that these different digital technology solutions can work synergistically. The role of the leading organizations like WHO, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) shall he critical to align the priorities of health and civil aviation, policies, and guidelines.

Ultimately, the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to accelerate and spread at a rapid rate. However, that cannot put a halt to the normal course of life. People would have to travel for business and leisure, following all the necessary safety rules and guidelines. With adequate health information and relevant data, travelling trends would become more enjoyable, safe, and efficient.

International Travel House pledges to make your travel safe, secure, and risk-free during the pandemic, and even thereafter. Taking extra care and precautionary measures have been the nature of this trusted travel house.

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