Recipe of Fujian Red Wine Chicken

Recipe of Fujian Red Wine Chicken

It is one of the northern Chinese traditional foods. It is also known as dish for birthdays. This red wine chicken dish is cooked and served at the time of birthday celebrations as a traditional value. It is rich in taste and is very easy to cook. Most of the people like it because of it’s aroma and as it is cooked in the presence of red wine so it tastes really amazing.

Ingredients & Recipe of Fujian Red Wine Chicken


  1. Chicken as per the requirement, even boneless chicken can be used
  2. Some Chinese wine lees
  3. Red wine as per the taste
  4. Sesame oil
  5. Ginger pieces
  6. Salt  

Recipe Process:

Heat up a pan and pour some oil in and add ginger pieces into it and fry till it gets little brown then add Chinese wine sees and stir it for some time. Then add chopped pieces of chicken into it and fry it and mix properly. Then leave the pan covered for 2 minutes. Later add an adequate salt amount to it and mix it well then leave it again for cooking. Later add some water, it all depends on your mood if you want to make it dry or little soupy. If you want to cook a soupy dish then little more water into it and let it cook again for some time. Then in the end add some sesame oil and red wine into the dish and let it mix well with the chicken pieces. Now, serve it hot with the nice presentation.

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