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Reviews of the Top Five SEO Tools for 2021

Why You Need To Use SEO Tools Over the years, the top of the list SEO agency has proven that SEO tools are useful in rank tracking and growing their customer’s websites.

Ranking your website to make it to the top of the search engines without using SEO Tools is hard, especially if it’s your first time venturing and starting this. However, there’s no need to worry about finding what paid and free SEO tools you’ll be using, and you need to analyze what is the best fit and works precisely for your business.


Well, have you got any idea what SEO tool is ideal for your business? Therefore, we wanted to help you, so here’s the list to start your SEO Journey and increase search volume.

Why You Need To Use SEO Tools

Over the years, the top of the list SEO agency has proven that SEO tools are useful in rank tracking and growing their customer’s websites. Perhaps,  seoleverage SEO agency and the founder who is Gert Mellak, continuously use the right SEO tool to optimize and check the website’s health.


The same goes here! If you’re handling more than two websites, you can say that using SEO tools might be your answer to help you on assessing each site’s performance—a simple explanation of why you need to use an SEO platform.

Ahrefs: Top Keyword Research Tool

This kind of Search engine optimization (SEO) analysis tool is one the most recommended for websites. This best SEO software is an "all-in-one," as explained on the Ahrefs platform, where you can analyze your rivals, refine your website, and review your clients’ searches. Moreover, it monitors your website ranking.


You should sign up for the 7-day trial after determining if Ahrefs is the correct platform for you. A significant thing to note is that without paying the $7.00 per month, Ahrefs contains free video lectures that everyone can look after and an easy to use platform.

Screaming Frog: SEO Software Online

Screaming Frog is considered by most experts the second perfect keyword tool to use in SEO. This is known as the spider website SEO Crawler in real-time. It will crawl the website quickly and efficiently reviews your site’s duplicate content, pages, titles, link building, and metadata.


With this SEO spider, doing analysis can save someone’s time to speed up toning its audit on the technical SEO journey. This can surely help you increase your organic search traffic.

Google Search Console

I know what you’re thinking! This tool feature can help you with keyword research rank tracking and finding precise keywords for your content marketing. Precisely, it can improve google's search results. Google Search Console, a one SEO checker tool, will help you optimize your Google search result in a little time.


Search indexing is useful for existing and new sites. It is the same as google keyword planner and Google analytics method, an excellent offer by Google. You now have a clear overview also for the sorts of questions that your audience is asking for.

Moz Pro

Moz is a full packed tool, either you're searching for keyword suggestions or a website crawl. You will get valuable insights into your website’s success and how it can be enhanced. Moz Pro is one of the perfect keyword research tools and tracking tools.


They also have video tutorials on how and why technical SEO is needed for business and digital marketing. They also have a free MozBar chrome extension that you can access when exploring every page to see the website's statistics.  We also recommend starting MozCon if you want to learn more about SEO.

Answer the Public: Free SEO Tool

From here, keyword research is known to convert higher ROI activities on SEO. Users can reach into what your future clients are looking for with the correct keyword analysis and software and guide them to your site by high-quality content, advertising, and material.


It can also better upgrade your content approach as a bonus, boost the copy on your landing pages, and more features on using one of the best free SEO tools.

Ultimate Guide on Using This Tool To Increase Traffic

All the data in this tool can be downloaded and exported for ease of use. Check this guide on how you can use this platform rightly.


  • Find the best and list down relevant keyword ideas for paid search and traffic.
  • Maximize and create an attention-grabbing landing page to have higher conversions.
  • Improve your FAQ pages, user guide content, and landing pages site.
  • Get your brand featured on Google snippet.
  • Analyze the use of this rank tracker.

Discover Your Top Pick on SEO

A better reminder for you: SEO expert's suggestions and reviews on the selection of your best SEO tools is a kind of gold. Well, the devices used to rank your site are precious. To rank higher in SERPs, learn what you need to change, and even determine your broken links or implement a backlink analysis to your site.


There are keywords everywhere; at some point, follow the suggestions to check your progress and improve your google search results. Your accomplishment comes upon you and how you handle the competitor analysis tools to grow organic traffic.

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