Schools Near HSR Layout, Bangalore

Schools Near HSR Layout, Bangalore

If you are a parent living in HSR Layout, Bangalore, chances are that you have asked this question to yourself, "Which are the good schools in hsr layout?" and spent a lot of time browsing for the answer. Here i am making a small effort to list some of the best schools in hsr layout with distance and some useful information.

HSR Layout is one of the oldest residential area Developed by BDA back in 1985, see that could be one of the reasons why it is now the largest residential area in Bangalore, with a number of IT Parks surrounded, not to forget mushrooming IT startups in the locality.   This steady growth of locality has brought Bangalore a handful of techies and an echo system in which HSR now prospering, this has also increased the demand for schools in the area. 

HSR layout is one of the well-planned layouts that spread across 7 sectors and each sector has its own park, play area, and enough green cover to make it one of the posh areas in Bangalore, over the years a lot of well-established realtors had made the living in this area a wonderful experience with their ultra-luxurious residential projects, thus improving the lifestyle and acceptance of upper-income citizen.

Though the area is of considerable traffic in peak hours, any of the schools in 5km proximity is a good option to enroll you, children, as it is accessible in 30 Minutes or less. Listed 5 best schools below which you may consider if you are looking for schools near hsr layout bangalore.   Please do keep in mind that,  most of the schools of the same fee range have the same type of facilities and teaching methodologies, so it is advised that you take your own time analyzing the differences and understand who provides value for your investment and benefits your child's holistic development. Campus visit and teacher interaction is a must before you choose a school, and if possible find a child's parent studying in the same school as it can give you a lot of eye-opening facts that will play a crucial role in deciding.

  • Orchids International School Bangalore

Orchids has become one of the largest and fast-growing chains of school brand since 2002. With 15 Branched in bangalore and 35 Branches in 6 cities they are rapidly expanding and now has option for easy transfer to any branch across the city or intercity.

  • Syllabus: CBSE
  • Fee : 80,000- 1,00,000 INR
  • Facilities: Swimming Pool, football ground, tab labs, computer labs, online classes, theatre
  • Distance to HSR Layout: 4.5Km
  • Transportation Facility: By Orchids
  • School Branches Link : schools in hsr layout bangalore

Gnan Srishty School Of Excellence
Located in 1sector HSR layout Gnan Srishty School is one of the schools that has ICSE syllabus and offers upto 10th Grade

  • Syllabus : ICSE
  • Fee : 65000
  • Distance : Located in Sector 1
  • Transportation Facility : By Gnan Srishty
  • Type Of School: Co-Ed



  • Camebrdige Public School

Located in sector 2 of HSR layout Camebridge also offers ICSE syllabus and upto 10th Grade and were established in 1999.

  • Syllabus : ICSE
  • Fee : 1,00,000 INR
  • Distance : Located in Sector 2
  • Transportation Facility : By Camebridge
  • Type Of School: Co-Ed
  • Grade Upto : 10



  • Baldwin Indian High School 

This is for those who need a cost-effective choice, Baldwin is one of the known brands that provide schooling at an affordable free range for middle-income parents, with 30k fee range you can now enroll your children for ICSE syllabus.

  • Syllabus: ICSE
  • Fee : 30,000 INR
  • Distance: Located in Sector 7
  • Transportation Facility: By Baldwin
  • Type Of School: Co-Ed
  • Grade Upto : 10


  • Vibgyor High School

If you have not yet decided on which syllabus is suitable for your child then Vibgyor is one school to visit as they have both ICSE and CBSE offered on the same campus, not to forget the fee structure is one of the highest compare to the other listed schools.

  • Syllabus: ICSE &CBSE
  • Fee : 1,25,000 INR
  • Distance: Located in Sector 7
  • Transportation Facility: By Vibgyor High
  • Type Of School: Co-Ed
  • Grade Upto : 12
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