top 10 schools in bangalore

Top 10 CBSE schools in bangalore

At Royale Concorde International School, we believe that children must be taught how to think & not what to think. Any child with the right guidance and support & with innovative methods of learning which RCIS offers can excel in life. The team at our schools- one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Bangalore have contributed to making school an exciting, challenging & enjoyable environment for all

Parents have a tough time when it comes to picking a school during the admissions season. Without a solid plan for deciding on a school, it becomes a complicated task. A lot of studies and reports on schools can sometimes be a bad thing especially when they all seem to contradict each other a fair amount. The only approach, however, is to do the research and decide it yourself.

Bangalore is a centre that hosts various great. Parents are often faced with the problem of numerous options. A thorough introspection of what values and skills matter most in good education is paramount to making a solid decision when it comes to picking a school. Besides academic and co-curricular considerations, the location and environment of the school should be looked into. The following are few of the points which could be used in making a sound decision when deciding on a school.



The Academic Curriculum

The curriculum of one of the top schools in Bangalore uses in its educative material and teaching methods largely derives from the curriculum it chooses to adapt. The curriculum is then in turn dictated by the education board associated with the school, although few schools prefer to come up with their curriculum. There are ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, and State-prescribed education boards which schools align with oftentimes exclusively. RCIS is one of the best CBSE and ICSE schools in Bangalore. It is a well-known, one amongst the Best CBSE schools in Bangalore that is well regarded in the educational space; it is innovative with custom-designed curricula that are derived from conventional boards.


Quality of teaching

The quality of teaching is combined with the expertise and experience of the teaching members of the school’s faculty. Quality is ensured primarily through the methods the school uses to fill the Teachers Vacancy in Schools and Colleges in Bangalore. Top schools in Bangalore often hire based on experience which sometimes leads older candidates to score better in interviews. Hiring practices that focus on educational qualifications favors candidates with impressive resumes. Some of the best international schools in Bangalore like go a step forward and design interview processes based on behavioural sciences to assess candidates on their teaching abilities. It may be in your best interest to ask about the school’s hiring process.


Extras and Co-curricular Activity focus

Activities that are based on developing student potential aside from academic areas are shown to have a substantial impact on overall development. Many ICSE schools in Bangalore like RCIS offer avenues to pursue musical or sports interests. Wholesome development is possible when freedom to practice and explore a wide variety of interests is accommodated for. Innovative activities like pottery, theatre, and gardening are offered in some schools. The CBSE schools in Bangalore tend to be more open to facilitating avant-garde ideas, while established schools are adept at ensuring opportunities in conventional extra-curricular activities.



Values that emphasize innovativeness and a spirit of scientific inquiry are critical to a school’s ability to foster creative thinking in students. A focus on culture and heritage aids in inculcating a sense of individuality. Best CBSE schools in Mysore and Bangalore like RCIS that are good at developing scientific curiosity tend to be centered on foreign cultural values while State-run schools are based more on Indian cultural values. State-prescribed education, however, tends to prioritize performance in exams which often curtails the freedom that creative thinking requires. There do exist some schools which seem to be able to combine innovation with Indian cultural values. The Indian School of Excellence is well known for this attribute.


Location and Fees

A school that is near a student’s residence will enable shorter travel times. This will effectively improve productivity as travel in Bangalore’s traffic conditions can take a toll with time. A good rule of thumb is to pick a school not farther than ten kilometers beyond, six if the route is heavily congested.

Another factor that should govern your choice is tuition fees. Fees in Best CBSE Schools in Yelahanka like Top ICSE Schools in Bangalore start with a decent amount. Note that higher fees do not correspond to better education. Research the school before you make a settlement.

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