Top 5 things to consider for selecting an animation studio for hotel industry

By Sameer Bhalerao  June 05, 2020 | Asepaes lab

For creating quality animation video content for hotels service video, choose a video production company that has a good portfolio and is also flexible in working with your requirements. If you are not sure about whether to choose 2D or 3D, start with seeing example videos to get knowledge and inspiration or talk to the 2D animation video production companies that can suggest a suitable fit.

1. Portfolio

The obvious first choice. Is their work effective and entertaining? Remember being effective means you must remember what has been said about the product and you must have an emotional response causing you to take action. Aespaes Animation lab is a full service animated content production company, offering Concept to state of the art post-production support, to create engaging animated stories. Our numbers speak for themselves 150+Satisfied Clients, 15+ Years of Experience, 250+ Completed Projects.

2. Professionalism

The primary purpose of service video is to communicate a message to get people to buy. The secondary purpose of service videos is to convey professionalism or the coolness X factor. Hotels spend incredible amounts of money for this Professionalism and Originality. Our story tellers have created audio visual content for an extraordinary diverse clientele, including major Hotels, television channels, non- profit organizations, universities, advertising and public relation agencies and many others.

3. Location

Nothing distracts learners more and increases cognitive load than inconsistent light, acoustics and quality. We recommend you choose a single location, try and limit shooting to a single day, and plan ahead - make sure you won't be bothered, check for distractions, and try to be consistent with filming procedures. We understand our Clients need to ensure the data Security. We make sure that the highest levels of content security standards are followed each time. Asepses Lab Pvt Ltd 3000 sq. ft. Facility is equipped with secure workstation, CCTV surveillance systems and ultramodern technology for the effective and efficient delivery of work.

4. Solve problems

What substantive content do you place in hotel industry? A crucial question, on which it is best to set a clear line when writing the script. In animation, service content can be very hands-on. Bringing content that benefits your audience. Our creative team comprising of 2 creative writers & 3 Directors, lead by Abhiram(creative producer) crafts engaging ideas to deliver your key message effectively.

5. Decide Your Budget and Compare

Budget is the most important factor when fixing a deal with an animation studio. Numerous animation companies are out there rendering services at affordable prices. Many times, they are only affordable because they are skipping steps or hiring poor talent. One stop animation services at compelling prices


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