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United States Smart Home Market by Application, Companies, Forecast By 2026

United States Smart Home Market will be US$ 70,126.7 Million by 2026. Forecast by Application, Products, Active Household Numbers, Penetration rate, Company Analysis.

Smart homes are a term used for a wide range of solutions to monitor, control, and automate purpose in a home. The smart home system needs a smartphone application or web portal to interact with an automated system as a user interface. Smart homes appliances and devices can be perpetually controlled, far away from any internet-connected place using a mobile or other networked device. With the smart home's arrival, the desire for convenience has created a revolutionary new market in the United States. According to Renub Research, the United States Smart Home Market is expected to reach US$ 70,126.7 Million by 2026.

According to the 2019 Media Post, 69% of United States houses own at least one smart home product. According to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) study, 83 million households and approximately 22 million homes own more than one smart home product. Americans prefer smart gadgets over traditional methods most because of their Control and Connectivity application. As per our research study, the United States Home Internet of Things (IoT) Devices Market is predicted to grow with a double-digit CAGR of 19.83% from 2020 to 2026.

There are various types of Smart home products present in the United States to satisfy different costumers' requirements. The constant increase in physical crime and cyber-attack on smart home appliances led to Security Household Penetration growth. Americans are inclined towards Interactive Security System, Smart door lock, smart doorbells, smart locks, smart cameras, smart thermostats, smart lights, and Door/window sensor to make their family and home more secure when they are not around or gone for a long trip. Sound and entertainment play a significant role in smart home owing to their features and usability. The smart speaker uses voice command to control intelligent devices to make daily American life easy.

The United States Smart Homes market is highly fierce and embodies several major players. In terms of market share, a handful of the major players forthwith control the smar home market in the United States. The companies covered in this report are Honeywell International Inc., Acuity brands, Brink home Security, Sleep Number Corporation and Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. As per this market research report, the United States Smart Home Market was US$ 23,668 Million in 2020.

Renub Research latest report titled “United States Smart Home Market by Application, Products, Active Household Numbers, Penetration rate, Company (Honeywell International Inc., Acuity brands, Brinks home Security, Sleep number Corporation, Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc.)” report provides current trends and analysis of United States Smart Home Industry.

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Application – Market, Volume & Households Penetration break up into 6 Segments, and each of these segments is further divided into 3 sub-segments

1.    Energy Management

a.    Energy Management Market
b.    Number of Active Households
c.    Application Household Penetration

2.    Comfort and Lighting

a.    Comfort and Lighting Market
b.    Number of Active Households
c.    Application Household Penetration

3.    Home Entertainment

a.    Home Entertainment Market
b.    Number of Active Households
c.    Application Household Penetration

4.    Control and Connectivity

a.    Control and Connectivity Market
b.    Number of Active Households
c.    Application Household Penetration

5.    Security

a.    Security Market
b.    Number of Active Households
c.    Application Household Penetration

6.    Smart Appliances

a.    Smart Appliances Market
b.    Number of Active Households
c.    Application Household Penetration

Products – Market and Volume breakup of 15 Smart Home Products in USA

1.    Smart Speaker
2.    Interactive Security System
3.    Smart Thermostat
4.    Monitoring Camera
5.    Video Doorbell
6.    Smart Light Bulb
7.    Motion Sensor
8.    Smart Light Switch
9.    Door/Window Sensor
10.    Smart Door Lock
11.    Smart Plug
12.    Smart Smoke Detector
13.    Garage Door Opener
14.    Smart Electrical Socket
15.    Others

Company have been covered from 3 Viewpoints

•    Overview
•    Recent Development
•    Revenue

Company Analysis

1.    Honeywell International Inc.
2.    Acuity brands
3.    Brinks home Security
4.    Sleep number Corporation
5.    Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc.

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