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Why Would You Create a Website with WordPress?

There are some very common questions - can I build a high-quality website with WordPress? The answer is yes, it can be made. You can also create a complete web site without any kind of coding experience. However, in this article, we will see why WordPress is the most suitable for you!

Let us consider two situations about creating a website. You are about to start a business; You need a website, but you may not have the ability to cost much time or money. Again, you are a businessman or about to start a business. You already have a website, but it's not like that at all. The website did not have the features or performance you wanted. So you need to create a new website.

If any of the above two situations apply to you, then WordPress is your solution. Using WordPress, you can create a website using the features of your choice at a very low cost, and in a short time (it is possible to create a basic website in one day).

If you want to create a website, you can do it with WordPress. With less time to make it, you can give more time to the customer. In addition to WordPress, there are different software for building websites. 

About CMS:

The days of building a website by learning HTML and CSS coding year-round are over. In the digital world, people are aware of too much time. Think before you spend this precious time. There is no substitute for a CMS (such as WordPress) to build a functional and world-class website in less time.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) or website content management system. Images, text and all the information you see on a website is the content or elements of a website. Content Management's job is to control these. And WordPress is a powerful content management system to control them. Not only that, but WordPress is the number one CMS control site in the world and for this, the popularity of WordPress is at its peak.

There are some very common questions - can I build a high-quality website with WordPress? The answer is yes, it can be made. You can also create a complete web site without any kind of coding experience. However, in this article, we will see why WordPress is the most suitable for you!

WordPress is completely free!

You can download and install WordPress directly, use or modify as you wish - no cost. Here you can install some themes for free and some with dollars. These WordPress themes are also sold on many more websites. By installing a WordPress theme on hosting, you can easily create all the great websites.

Thousands of professional themes

WordPress theme directory has about 2000 free themes. Moreover, you can buy and use premium themes from many other marketplaces. WordPress themes are easy to use, so there is no need to hire a professional web designer to make the visual look and feel of the website beautiful!

Any feature can be added

Just as you can create beautiful simple WordPress blogs, you can also create many complex website structures for the convenience of your business. Thousands of free and premium plugins will help to add features as desired. 

Do you want to create an online e-commerce store? Want to offer Woocommerce plugin, online tutorials, or courses? This includes the LifterLMS plugin. Want to create a contact form on your website? There is Contact Form 7. There are many plugins to add the same feature, so you can choose from them and use them. You can add all the complex functionality even if you don't have any coding experience.

Search engine friendly

WordPress code is written to maintain very high-quality SEO Compliance. You can further optimize your website by using free plugins like Yoast SEO.

Safe and its security is quite strong

WordPress code has been written with security in mind. But like the offline world, online is always unpredictable. So you can use different free plugins to further strengthen the security of the website.

Different multimedia file formats can be used

Not just text! WordPress has built-in support for PDF or other file management in addition to various formats of images, videos, audio!

Another strong point of WordPress is that it supports the oEmbed feature. This means that if you copy and paste the URL of content from various platforms including YouTube video, Instagram photo, Twitter tweets, SoundCloud audio, it will be automatically embedded in the WordPress website. There is nothing extra to do. You can see in the animation below!

Infinite number of users and different user-roles

WordPress has various user-roles such as Administrator, Editor, Subscriber, Participant, Author, Contributor. The capability of each user role is different and you can add more than one (there is no limit) for each role. With the installation of different plugins, the role associated with that plugin will be created. Such as customer, instructor, student, moderator, affiliate, etc!

Mobile friendly

There was a time when people used the internet only from computers. The number of users of mobile internet is increasing day by day. So when creating a website at this age, it is important to keep in mind whether the website is working well on all devices including mobile, tab, PC! This burden is much lighter when using WordPress. WordPress websites can be browsed from any device.

Website is easy to install and manage with WordPress!

In my opinion, this is probably the biggest reason for the popularity of WordPress. You don't have to be a web developer, you can't write code in HTML CSS PHP java. (But what's wrong with having some basic idea of HTML CSS!)

  • You can make any website big or small. Scale-ups can be done arbitrarily starting from small.
  • WordPress supports Multiple-Language so you can create websites in Bengali or English or both.
  • If you want, you can transfer the entire website to another hosting company's server.

WordPress Hosting Solution:

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