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Human beings throughout the ages developed various techniques to satiate their thrust. In the beginning, they used to drink straight from the flowing stream or the river. When they get a little advanced, they store it in iron pots, copper pots, mud pots etc. Today, we are more civilized and technologically advanced. We know and understand the compositions of water and also how to consume it right. 

There is approximately 2% drinkable water, and the rest is saline in nature. So, you can understand, there is a tiny percentage of water that we can drink and since there are various kinds of pollutants in the environment the amount is even lesser than that. Contaminated water is the source of many water-borne diseases and the reason for many deaths every year. 

Ways to Drink Water

Before we start, we have to know what pure water is. Water in its original state is colourless, odourless, and tasteless and best to drink. However, mixing some ingredients can make the water even better to drink. For instance, drinking from a copper mug can make you healthy, fit, and free from infections. 

Let’s talk about the popular ways to drink water - 

#1 - Drinking from the Faucet  

The most common and the most unreliable way to drink water, there may or may not be some safety concerns regarding tap water. Let’s say you are living in an industrial area, the chances are tap water is not safe to drink. On the other hand, if you are living in a hilly area, you can actually consume water with no issues. 

#2 - Boil and Drink

Boiling water is the cheapest method to drink germ-free water. Remember, this process only kills germs, not purifies the contamination. For example, if the water is mixed with some harmful chemical, then it’s pretty useless no matter how many times you boil the water.  

#3 - Copper Infused Water 

Copper brings a lot of health benefits for human beings such as higher immunity rate, better digestion, sharper memory and more. Since ancient times, our ancestors have been using copper utensils for daily purposes. Studies suggest that storing water in a copper mug then drink it after 4-6 hours can keep you safe from many diseases and boost your health. 

#5 - Mineral Water 

There are two types of mineral water, namely natural and bottled mineral water. Natural minerals are not pure in nature, but that doesn't make it bad for the health. We usually collect mineral water from the springs where it mixes with a variety of minerals such as MgSO4, CaCO3, Na2SO4 and K2SO4. Bottled mineral water gets a treatment with various gases and these minerals. Both types of mineral water are drinkable, but too much consumption can be harmful. 

#6 - RO Water 

RO stands for “Reverse Osmosis” and it’s a process that removes contamination, germs, or any other impurities in the water. Recently, there is a surge in the popularity of RO purifiers because they are advertised to remove most of the impurities from the water. Now that people realize the effectiveness of copper water, the Purifiers brands are coming up with RO purifiers with built-in copper mechanisms. 

As we have seen there are many ways through which we can drink safe water, but nothing comes close to copper water. It’s cheaper than RO purifiers and comes with tremendous health benefits. Definitely worth a try, Nestaire Artisans is home to amazing copper products as copper jugs Australia, copper jugs, copper water bottles, etc. 

Is Copper Water Safe for Pregnant ladies?

Copper water is safe to drink for everyone including kids to the elderly, but how about pregnant ladies? Are women safe if they drink copper water during pregnancy? Well, it’s a debatable subject.

In most cases, it’s safe for a woman who is bearing a child, but sometimes it can have adverse effects. It totally depends on the requirement needed in the female body. If there is a copper deficiency, she can safely consume a few glasses of copper water. But if the copper amount in the body is sufficient, and she still consumes the copper-infused water, it can be harmful.

Copper is an essential mineral for the formation of the red blood cells in the body. A pregnant woman requires a little higher amount of blood than a usual woman, thus copper water could be highly beneficial for them. It can also fix many problems that occur during the pregnancy. Consult your doctor before consuming copper infused water, they can recommend you the proper amount to be taken after some tests.   


Water is an essential element in the human body, and we have to hydrate it regularly with water consumption. No matter how you and from what you drink it, make sure it’s suitable for drinking. If not, either treats it with copper pots or any other form of purification method. 

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