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Follow 7 essential steps to start a successful food delivery business with the UberEats clone app

UberEats app clone is one such solution that facilitates you to launch a food ordering and delivery app like UberEats right away. We offer an efficient app solution that is readily customizable and scalable, depending on your requirements.

Online food ordering becomes a part of people’s lifestyle. Therefore, the demand for food ordering & delivery apps is surging considerably. Do you know what the primary reason behind the success of online food ordering is? Some of them are as follows.

  • Customers are more comfortable and convenient in ordering food online with just a few clicks. 
  • Various discounts and offers are available when customers place an order online.
  • Customers have a wide choice of restaurants from which they can select any one of their favourite restaurants and order the food they love. 
  • The delivery speed is also considerable. Customers get their order within a stimulated time. Despite this, the app displays an estimated time of delivery. So, customers do not have to wait for a long time worried about the delivery as they know when the ordered food is ready and to be delivered. The app notifies the order status via push notifications. 

Impact of the food ordering and delivery apps  


Researchers found that nearly 87% of people prefer using food delivery apps. According to Statista, the majority of customers use the food delivery apps due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  


In 2020, the net worth of the online food delivery industry was nearly $32 billion. It is estimated that it will rise and reach the US $1,51,526 million by the end of 2021 worldwide. By 2024, the food delivery industry’s net worth will reach the US $182,327 million. 


Some of the successful food delivery apps are UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, DoorDash, and FoodPanda. The forecast of the online food delivery industry is impressive. Thus, it is high time to start developing a food delivery app like UberEats. 


Consider the following steps to initiate an online food delivery business


This blog will give insightful information about how to initiate a successful food delivery service business with the UberEats clone app

Connect with local (nearby) restaurants


The first step is to tie up with nearby restaurants in the region where you want to establish your business. Giving a wide range of choices of restaurants for customers is the added advantage. 


Meanwhile, it benefits the restaurant owners when they join your platform. Because, restaurants grab the attention of internet users. Suppose, more customers start to visit a particular restaurant, the particular restaurant will be at the top of the search result in the app. 


As a result, you and restaurant owners get profit from the UberEats like app.


Consider popular revenue-generating streams


There are big players (UberEats, Zomato, GrubHub, and Swiggy) in the market. As the commission-based revenue model is the primary income source, you can set a feasible commission rate at the initial stage. So, this will empower you to compete with those big players. 


Give customers a choice of pick-up their orders from restaurants


A few of the customers might wish to pick up their orders right from the restaurant itself. So, let the customers order food via the app or website and pick it by themselves. However, they do not have to pay for delivery. 


Technology Selection for UberEats clone app development


Building a user-friendly app is a necessity for a successful business. How to make a user-friendly app? It relies on the technology you choose for UberEats clone app development. Therefore, choose the right technology upon analyzing the recent trends.  


Feature-set integration


With the changing market trends, including new innovative features becomes a necessity as it helps to withstand the heavy competition. A list of features to consider for building a food delivery app like UberEats are as follows.


Vital features

  • Automatic fare estimation
  • Multiple languages
  • Notifications
  • Live tracking

Add-on features

  • Online wallets
  • Customized delivery or drop-off
  • Multiple restaurant order 
  • Time-based course meal

Covid-19 safety features

  • Zero-contact deliveries
  • Cashless payments
  • Covid-19 pop-ups

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business


SEO plays a vital role in boosting business sales. It will let the local customers know about your business. Also, it allows the local customers to know about the offers and discounts offered. 


Bottom line


Most mobile app development companies offer the UberEats clone script that empowers you to launch a food delivery app instantly. Are you not sure about which company to choose? 

At Uber Like App, we cater for you with a world-class UberEats clone app solution built with cutting edge technology. Associate with us for UberEats clone app development.


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