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How to Create an Educational App: Features, Cost, and Business Models?

Covid-19 and the lockdown have changed the lives of almost all familiar lives. Many businesses closed down due to the pandemic. Others adopted various ways out through remote mode of working. In this race, education was no exception.

But these difficulties prove to be a blessing for the education industry. During the lockdown, this industry has experienced great changes. Online learning and Educational app development services received a great boost. The demand for e-learning mobile app development has increased swiftly. These apps have turned out to be a profit in the field of education, for society.

Today, in this blog we’ll tell you all about Education mobile app development, business model, its features, costs, etc.

Why e-learning mobile app development solutions are gaining popularity?

The e-learning mobile apps have several benefits. These benefits are categorized into two parts based on benefits to customers and businesses.

1. Benefits to Customer

For personal users, these apps have a lot of benefits. Some are discussed below:

·        Stress-free learning: These apps provide hassle-free learning, unlike the traditional education process.

·        Engagements: These programs offer a huge advantage of keeping the students engaged in learning the topic being discussed. The retention rate has increased due to engagements.

·        Setting your own pace: The educational apps provide the users with flexibility in learning hours. They can pause the lessons at any given time and can continue later from the same. Users can set their own pace based on their speed of learning.

·        Developing new skill sets: Using educational apps on computers helps the users to develop their computing skills too. On the other hand, these apps help the faculties to get in the habit of computer-based teachings.

·        Digital Literacy: You won’t accept it but these educational apps are solving many other problems also. These apps have made the tutors and the students literate when it comes to browsing and learning online.

2. Benefits to Business

·        Skill acquisition: Educating employees individually through apps could improve their skills. This also becomes a cost-saving benefit of education mobile app development.

·        Improved Performance: Online learning provides a major benefit through improved performance of employees/trainees.

·        Productivity Tracking: The administration of any company can track the progress of any trainee/employee and also identify their strengths and weaknesses respectively.

·        Cost Saver: The implementation of e-learning mobile apps for training is way better and cheaper than opting for traditional training.

·        Time-Saving: These apps save a lot of time as employees can pace themselves over learning. Employees can also learn during their free time at work. No extra time is spent on training sessions, etc.

Types of Educational App Development Solutions

Before talking about the creation of an e-learning app, you should be aware of the various types of software that are in demand.

Education mobile app development targets both learners and teachers. Types of educational app development solutions are:

·        Apps for learning

·        Apps for teaching

Apps for Learning

The nature of these apps is mainly based on the learning of end-users. These are for those who are mostly interested in content for learning.

There are various options of apps for learners, here are some of them that you can target.

·        Apps for educational information: These apps are designed to strengthen and assist learning. They contain information and data related to several topics in the form of documents, audio or video, etc. based on a wide range of topics.

·        Apps for any certain purpose: You can develop an educational app based on particular learnings like cooking, gardening, language, personal development, etc.

·        Apps for kids: These apps are developed to simplify learning for kids. These apps are designed basically for kids so they would appear more creative, colorful, and playful. It would include poems, games, color filling, etc, helping the children to focus on creative learning.

·        Apps for exams: Creating educational apps for training students for certain competitive exams is also a good option.

Apps for Teaching

The main idea of these apps is to assist the tutors in finding more exciting and beneficial ways of teaching or passing any information to the learners/trainees.

These mentioned below subgroups can be considered as educational apps for teaching:

·        Apps for Planning

·        Apps for Scheduling

·        Apps for generation of analysis charts

Must-Have Features for Your Educational App

Given below are the features that must be included in your app.

·        Sign up & Log in

·        User Profile

·        Search Tab

·        Filters

·        Language selection

·        History

·        Offline access

·        Notes download

·        Push notifications

·        Live Classes

·        Scheduling System


These are the major and essential features that should be included in your app. They help to maximize user experience, keeping your app user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Business Model

In education mobile app development, it’s your call to decide whether or not to monetize your app. The truth is, most of the e-learning mobile apps are paid.

Still, take a look at all the available options.

·        Free Trial: This feature in the education mobile app development involves offering your content for free but for a limited period, maybe for a week or two. After this, access to the content is available to you only after you make the purchase. This model is the best if you want to earn revenue regularly.

·        Paid: Here, you make money in advance with every new user registration.

·        Freemium: This educational app development feature involves access to very limited content unless the user subscribes through a payment. This model helps to gather a broad user base rapidly.

·        Ads: In this business model, you earn through selling data-driven advertisement space in your educational mobile app development. You have options to do this either independently or you can collaborate with a mobile ad partner.

·        In-App Purchases: This is a business model where users need to purchase or pay for using some interesting features available on the app.

Cost of Educational Mobile App Development

Like other apps, the cost of developing an educational app also depends on the time required by the developers for the creation and testing of the e-learning mobile app. It also depends on the variety of features that you wish to add to your app and the designs.

For hourly hiring of any developer, the average charges for mobile app development may range from 30 USD depending on the developer’s brand name and experience.

Even the smallest leak or bug in your app can affect your company’s reputation. Therefore, security also has to do a lot with the cost. Putting all these together, a basic estimate for an app would range between $15K to $30K.

Education mobile app development is the present and future of learning. You can see this as a long-term opportunity. In terms of revenue also, it is a favorable niche in the mobile app development sector.

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