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How Your App Can Reign In Mobile App Store?

Your app description must not be a plain explanation of your app, but it needs to have that OOMPH factor integrated into it which would stop the users to try your app.

Hey, I just received a text from my developer, saying my app is scheduled to go live next week, and you can’t believe but am all nervous and I don’t know what will happen. Can there be a possibility my app will be rejected from the app store? The web of the app store is dense and filled with multiple apps.

But in this world, the toughest part for you is to create a successful app, that not just engages the audiences but also crafting out a scalable solution for the businesses to sail higher.

Is this easy to gain recognition in the mobile app store?

OOPS, I think this question has touched a wrong chord in our mind, or I should say it has just touched our worst nightmare, which is lying there in our mind, for a longer time, but we have been scared to ask???

A very common vision to be noticed, with the app owners, when they feel scared to death, with just a thought, of app rejection from the app stores. 

The reason is simple, these many months of efforts, passion, and creativity are invested in a mobile app, and then suddenly you wake up to a nightmare which turns into a reality that your app has been rejected not by the users but by the app stores.

I know the mere thought of this situation runs down the chill in your spine and you get numb for some time, and the only question comes in your mind WHY MY APP? 

Well, it might sound a valid question to you, but for the app stores, there are various parameters they need to check your app on, and failing to fit on either you may lose that ‘CONSENT’ flag from the app stores.

Although there are different parameters set by Apple and Google, and you need to abide by the rules set by them, in order to get your app successfully launched.

Yet there are few tricks which if you consider and integrate into your mobile app much before its launch, believe me, can help you in abundance.

So here I am, and I will be helping you to sail down successfully from the ocean of troubles for your mobile app launch….

But exactly what you need to do???

It’s a question and am concerned too…

Hey, CHILLL…☺ you need to do nothing as of now, just read this post ahead and help your app get launched successfully…

Write A Strong App Description 

Your app is developed for the specific business purpose and has many research and studies are conducted before taking out that simple app concept into a reality, so it deserves a well-planned and well- written app description.

Your app description must not be a plain explanation of your app, but it needs to have that OOMPH factor integrated into it which would stop the users to try your app.

Don’t give an overdose of keywords, it does nothing but irk the readers further and is also a reason behind the app rejection from the app stores. 

Mention why your app is different, rather than focusing on features, specify how these features would help the users and help your app to win the game.

Add App Video

Your app has many functionalities and only the written content boasts off it…wake up….you need to integrate the relevant app videos for your mobile app, and it clearly shows that what more your app as t offer.

Your potential users can take look at how your app is going to be and how it functions…let them peep into your mobile app with engaging app video content also keep a note that app video does not exceed more than 10 seconds.

The Right Dose of Screen

Don’t play a random game while showing the app screens. Sit with your app developers and discuss which screen is the best fit to be placed in the app stores.

The app screens need to be picked on the basis of UI, graphics, and functionality of your mobile app.

And there must not be any repetitive screen, but your app screen must be designed and picked to share a self-explanatory design, so the users can yearn for more.

These tricks if you follow, can help your mobile app development to get accepted by the app stores effortlessly, but another and the most important point you need to take into consideration, that your mobile app description, screen, and video must compliment the original app, failing to which your app can never be accepted on the stores.

Select Right App Builder

It is way too hard to get access of the right app builder for your app concept.  And this turns out to be a deep-level difficult task, since there are many options available in the market, and you can be so sure of a specific app development company.

Indeed, this is a worrying cause, to help you remove the obstacle of this issue, we would like to help you in few essential tips, that can help in selecting the RIGHT option for your app concept.

  • Check their technical expertise

  • Understand which all industries they have served

  • Find out real client’s testimonials on listing sites


Apart from these, if you are still finding it hard to select a leading app builder for your app requirements, then you must not go anywhere, as to help you combat this issue, we’re here to help you recommend the best option available. 

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