Swiggy Clone

Raise your food delivery venture with an app like Swiggy

Since, the restaurant business is booming, the demand for an app like Swiggy is high as people prefer to order food online. To nurture your business, develop and launch the Swiggy clone app.

The food delivery industry growth rate has skyrocketed as many customers show more attention in preferring the food delivery apps to get their favorite food at their doorstep. Revenue in this industry is predicted to show a growth rate of 7.94% by 2024. In fact, this has attracted many entrepreneurs to begin a food delivery business. 


An app like Swiggy empowers users to place an order online with ease. A food delivery app enables customers to select the food they love from their favorite restaurants as many food vendors have partnered with the app. The swiggy clone app solution supports you for business expansion as it is a ready-made custom solution.


Swiggy clone app - What is its workflow?

Before proceeding with the Swiggy clone app development process, you have to know the working model of a food delivery app. Now, let’s see the workflow. 

Step 1 - First, customers browse their favorite food from a nearby restaurant or restaurant they wish to order. 

Step 2 - Now, they add the ordered food items to the cart and customize them if they need. The app prompts the customer to choose their payment method. 

Step 3 - Once the customer confirms their order, the respective restaurant owner accepts the order. They prepared the order and packed it for delivery.

Step 4 - Meanwhile, the delivery request will be sent to the delivery executive nearer to the restaurant.

Step 5 - The respective delivery executive will reach out to the restaurant and collect the packed order. 

Step 6 - The delivery executive will arrive at the customer’s location along with the order using the GPS feature (in the app). 

Step 7 - On the other hand, the app notifies the customers about the order status and the delivery executive’s arrival. Simultaneously, the app will show the delivery executive’s real-time location to customers from the delivery request acceptance.

Step 8 - At last, the customers provide the ratings and reviews.


Magnificent features for the Swiggy clone app development

A Swiggy clone solution can be customized with advanced features that suit your business model. Make your app work seamlessly with the following spectacular features.


1.Customer app

  • Social media login - This feature will allow the customer for easy registration through social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and much more.
  • Special instructions - While placing an order, customers can give special instructions about ingredients they wish to add/remove to their ordering. 
  • Add to cart -  Customers can choose their food from the menu and add it to the cart. Later, they can add or delete any food items from the cart before the payment.
  • Referrals - Allowing customers to refer the app to their family members or friends. Upon successful referral, the app will credit some amount of money to customers.


2.Restaurant app

  • Offers - The restaurant owner can offer some special offers and discounts to their loyal customers. They can even omit the delivery charges from customers who order your combo or any special foods.
  • Order Status - The restaurant owner can view and update the order status like order confirmation and order delivery.
  • Live Tracking - The restaurant owner can track the delivery executive’s real-time location from the delivery acceptance till order delivery.
  • Availability toggle - Based on the restaurant timings, they can show their availability using this feature.


3.Delivery executive app

  • Job History - Using this feature, the delivery executive can view a list of completed/canceled/upcoming orders.
  • Online/Offline Status - They can show their availability by enabling this feature and disable it when they do not want to get the delivery request. Because, the app will send the delivery request only when the delivery executive is online, i.e., when they enable this feature.
  • In-app Navigation - This feature will let the delivery executive reach the restaurant or customer’s location for delivery at an estimated time by viewing the best optimization router shown in the app. 
  • Earnings - Using this feature, the delivery executive can view their earnings report. The app will generate the earnings report on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.


4.Admin app

  • Offers - Sometimes, restaurant owners offer offers and discounts to boost their sales. In addition to it, the admin can provide some more offers to retain loyal customers using this feature.
  • Site Earnings - The admin can see the earnings of the site, delivery executive, and restaurant.
  • Sub-Admin Moderators - Allowing sub-admins to manage their business with some restrictions using this feature.
  • Restaurant List - Using this feature, the admin can view a list of integrated restaurants with the app. They can even edit, delete, and add restaurants. The commission rates given by the restaurant will also be viewed.


Does it cost much to make a Swiggy like app?

Swiggy like app falls under the category of database app. The cost estimation for the Swiggy clone app development is based on your food delivery app idea. A list of factors that determines the app cost is given below.

  • Multiple payment gateway integrations
  • App complexity
  • App size and interface
  • Platform you want to launch your app
  • Features you include


Summing up

There is more demand for food delivery apps. If you have an excellent business idea and want to implement it, approach a mobile app development company like us. At UberLikeApp, we offer a whitelabel solution, which can be customized as per your business requirements. The Swiggy clone app development using the script solution is less time-consuming and cost-efficient. 


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