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Points to remember about the diamond investment

While pink diamonds have long been considered a symbol of luxury and prestige, stone is now in the limelight as a key investment product. For connoisseurs, the gem has everything to seduce to become a full part of a heritage portfolio. A...

Caftan Moroccan

Why Should You Buy A Caftan Moroccan?

Moroccan caftan is an important traditional Moroccan Berber dress. Usually in the form of a full tunic, generally with long sleeves and in some styles with a wide belt that can be extended above the waist in many colors and styles.

5 Different Types of Custom Leather Jackets

You can find these jackets in both qualities genuine as well as faux/PU. Now the question arises what kind of genuine leather jacket are available. If you are going for a genuine leather jacket you may find these animal skins.

Best Dress Up A Bomber Jacket Elegantly

Consider the fit. Because they started out as a utility piece for the military that was attached to a team, they were naturally large in size. However, designers have not been afraid to play around with the design of aviator jackets. Yo...