Does it have the inventory to handle your business?

If YES, then all you need is a barcode inventory management app.

The barcode scanning app can make your inventory management simple and fast and can help you increase your productivity in critical yet straightforward ways, surprisingly. In addition, collaborating with the right Dubai App developers will save you a lot of time and effort in all kinds of dimensions for your company.

AIn the current scenario, online inventory management is critical to wholesale distribution and manufacturing through respective mobile apps that support easy stock counting.

Warehouse workers, for example, enter the stock level in the app, using barcode scanning where appropriate. The latest changes appear in the system automatically and are activated with a single button. The stock level is always up-to-date in this way, ensuring a trouble-free delivery experience.

The unreliable stock-level remains a nightmare for many wholesalers. Not only do they face a major risk of making a consumer decision based on inaccurate stock rates, but it often takes a lot of time for exclusive counting and sorting, often resulting of inconsistencies and dual entry as an outcome.

As you know, accountability in real-time stock rates determines consumer preferences. So, to offer an impeccable absolute user experience, you need to start getting the basics in charge – aligning with the best company in app growth.

But, before we align with the professionals, let’s have a quick rundown of what is scanning app for inventory management.

A standard barcode inventory scanner app is designed to scan any product OR code or barcode, or check or quickly find out more about the specific product, including costs and analysis. The barcode inventory scanning app also consists of equipment such as barcode printers and scanners, as well as software that jells well with mobile and digital devices for barcode scanning and other operations.

Time to decipher the development of a one-of-a-kind inventory management device in both – hardware and software aspects.


Taking the hardware dimension into account, it is an important part of any inventory management scanning device. And having a good barcode scanner makes a major difference. So, all you need is a barcode printer if you want to print your own scan code to make personalized labels to put up on any part of the product in your warehouse.

Stepping forward with Dubai's professional device development companies, some of the hardware and software amalgamations perform well as others. So, you'll want to make sure your hardware and software are completely compatible with each other and there's no gap between them in communication.

There are many barcode forms here. Let's discover one which is sometimes used!


Although there are various choices, in addition to only 1D barcodes, some barcode scanners read barcodes from a long distance and some read 2D barcodes. The only difference between 2D barcodes and the 1D barcode is quite significant. It's much greater than you would expect because it seems like a mere one-digit gap.

One-dimensional barcodes are usually what people view when speaking of generic barcodes. They are built out of a bunch of vertical black lines horizontally spread out. The spacing between them allows a barcode scanner to locate a specific product, the number of the specific product, identifying markers to enable a digital distribution system to check it out. It also makes this as a hassle-free process which corresponds to the number included in the 1D barcode.

Truthfully speaking, these barcode systems are very useful for businesses and organizations in keeping track of their product products, mails and maybe more to the list.

To be clear, there are many types of barcodes that fall under the category of 1D barcodes. These are as follows:

  • UPC-A
  • UPC-E
  • EAN-13
  • RSS-14
  • Code 39
  • Code 93
  • EAN-128
  • Interleaved 2 of 5


Now is the time to think about two-dimensional barcodes as opposed to 1D barcodes it's far more in-depth. That is precise because they are not merely basic vertical line binaries. Instead of merely supplying a series of numbers that the barcode scanner can read to go out and identify the information locked in a barcode inventory system, 2D barcodes are often called square-shaped and consist of lots of pixelated dots and geometric shapes that actually contain the codified data.


A barcode scanner that can read a 2D scan barcode, therefore, gets the critical product information from this sort of barcode simply by scanning it. Such barcodes can also be minimal to 1D barcodes and yet have much more detail.


These can be used to encourage clients to access a website immediately, enabling carriers to check parcels to see where they are going to where they were born. The 2D barcode possibilities have, obviously, not been able at this point in time to test their fullest potential.


Some examples listed here for 2D barcodes are as follow:

  • QR Code
  • Data Matrix
  • PDF 417
  • MaxiCode
  • Aztec


Mobile App development company in Saudi Arabia

Speaking specifically about the small or emerging business, recruiting the right talent from Dubai's best mobile app development firms is an important move. Most organizations use barcode software that helps them to generate and print barcode labels, but the sophisticated inventory management program does not accomplish this.


However, if you are in the urge to help with additional inventory and order management capabilities, the company may need a more complex inventory system regardless of its scale.

But, as a healthy reminder a good barcode inventory system should have the following abilities:

  • Print and scan barcodes
  • Send, receive, and count inventory
  • Manage order management
  • Track the parcel across multiple locations
  • Integrate with your accounting system

Each of the above five points needs to be discussed with your partner iOS and Android app development company in greater detail to show how much goes into it. So, let’s unfurl it right here!


You can print hundreds of barcodes onto a sticky label at once, in line with the proper collection of equipment. In particular, you can add to virtually any shelf device, commodity, bin or anything else that helps you to locate, reorder, and receive products in your inventory by scanning them quickly.


The period counts are much better because you don't have to use a pen and paper to finish them off. Scanning an object barcode to verify its current quantity and update if necessary is pretty much more comfortable and precise.


You can also dynamically dispatch an object during the selection process by scanning a barcode. And when you receive the item, you can check them in a file against the purchase order to make sure you have received the correct purchase order and the right amount on file.


If in certain situations the order or products you have purchased are defective or are not of the appropriate product form you have ordered, you should start the settlement process to ensure that you do not overpay and that what you have ordered is shipped to you.


When it comes to the production of Android apps, it is more important to work with the professionals who reside with an exclusive order management background. As with experts, this uphill challenge becomes a simple ABC which makes it much easier for small businesses with the aid of a barcode system.


You can check the order status instantly, and place new orders with a barcode scan. You can also have a detailed go through the entire warehouse and set up automatic points of reordering on practically everything in it. Even, this will help you get instantly informed via text or email when it becomes mandatory to order more products to avoid shortages.


You don't have to be limited to only one area by checking the barcode of a product in one area. Often, you can have the quantities of products in certain warehouses and stores to see if you need to switch a certain quantity between locations.

It is untouchable!


The moment you make adjustments to your inventory barcode program and integrate it with Quickbooks or Xero, it will make improvements for the future. These adjustments will be scheduled to be submitted directly to the accounting department to ensure that they are properly and correctly reported on the general ledger with the correct invoices and other documentation to be produced.


So, move ahead with BrillMindz Technologies if you're searching for a reliable iPhone app development company in Saudi Arabia to make the vision of making your own inventory app for your company a real soon.


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