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Effective Customer Engagement Strategies: Brand Personality

What you need to do to maximize your customer interaction is to demonstrate your company's brand personality. All companies aim to get to know their customers and find out exactly what they want. But don't get so wrapped up in this part of trying to find out that you fail to allow your clients to get to know you. It can actually be the main lead generator to create and demonstrate the personality of your brand.

Audiences who know your brand's personality and feel a personal bond are more likely to seek your company for their needs proactively. It pays to illustrate the personality of the brand, which is how you can establish personal relationships with your clients. 

If you want your brand to stand out in demonstrating brand personality, below are some tips to improve customer engagement by displaying your brand personality.

Be Committed and Consistent

Once you have worked out the brand personality that is perfect for your brand, stick to it by enforcing consistency across the business for any and all public communication. Be consistent with the tone that you set for your brand personality, whether it's in the form of print, streaming, or physical advertising. 

This also applies to interviews, lead generation methods, choosing the right influencer for marketing campaigns, customer engagement strategies on user-generated content, and customer service. 

Employee Personal Branding

Speaking of customer service, your staff are at the forefront of your brand personality development in this department. It is the direct duty of the customer service team to communicate with and support all customers. The way they do this will make all the difference in your customers deciding to stay for an extended time with your brand or choosing to go with another brand instead. 

Stand out by promoting personal branding with your employees. This does not mean that your staff has to have the same brand identity as your company. But the additional effort should be made to illustrate that there is an actual human being on the other side of the avatar.

Basic musts for employee personal branding

1. Use real photos in avatars

Headshot photos are important. If you're not excited about having your freckles on show for anyone to see, go ahead and pick a picture from a distance that features you. Simply avoid images that do not include you at all. A photo that involves a real person, even from a distance, would build a stronger consumer link than a photo that does not.

2. Set some ground rules

It is freely open in any job, having working conditions in which individuals feel free to be themselves. Now, if your brand personality features fun and humor, but your employees are not really funny, it will probably just backfire to force them to say jokes (which are not funny). Set employee branding boundaries with your business brand's identity and help sustain them with templates.

3. Create templates for guidance

Templates packed with examples of how to respond to customers can help your customer service team retain your company's brand personality. Having a selection of branded answers on hand, however, will help the customer service team save time and commit to the personality of the business brand in their communications. Particularly for common questions that come up fairly frequently.

Create a guide template for:

  • The opening sentence that the customer service representatives use when a customer receives an initial request. 
  • The closing term used by your members when they have completed assisting a client. 
  • Some answers to the questions that come up fairly frequently.

Bear in mind that you will create the opposite result with your models if every single conversation your customers have with different members of your customer service team sounds exactly the same. Your clients may start to think that a bunch of lifeless robots is talking to them. 

How will it be prevented? 

For each form of customer service situation, plan several choices, and let your members select the ones that they want.

Listen To Your Audience 

This is a crucial step in customer engagement. Listen to your clients, particularly when they talk candidly, which is normally the case on-line.

When it comes to brand personality, the audience has great opinions. Currently, much of the time, even uninitiated, they still offer it. But if you really want to improve your brand personality, paying attention to criticism is critical. 

Take them into account if you brainstorm and curate ideas. Such surveys are useful for gaining valuable insights for better plans and communicating to audiences that you care about their opinion. As it makes a direct impression on your target market, that goes beyond having the best brand personality in the industry.


One of those aspects that can make or break your brand strategy for your business is brand personality. But first, it pays to take a break and come up with a solid, strong brand personality that resonates with your business to have excellent customer engagement strategies. Follow the tips above to make your customer service seamless and effective. If you are looking for a brand strategist to make your brand, you can check out Brand Master Academy. 


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