best copper face masks


Today stepping out of your home is like exposing to many microbial that includes bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Today stepping out of your home is like exposing to many microbial that includes bacteria, viruses, and fungi. So you have two options that either you stay at home that seems practically impossible, while the second option is to wear protection against those microorganisms, that is wearing a face mask.


Wearing a face mask should be the habit of an individual when going out; not only in a pandemic but on regular days too, because it helps you prevent from many microorganisms and germs. And especially if you are living in a mega city where the chances of pollutions are more, because the mask not only protects you from germs and microbes but in the cities that are highly populated like NYC, the carbon emission is more that might damage your lungs and be lethal for your health.


The USA always makes it easy for every situation to deal with; now, they have launched the best copper face masks with copper nanoparticle technology that stop the germs and viruses from reaching your airways up to 99.99%.


These copper face masks made in the USA protect the wearer themselves and protect those around the wearer. The most impressive feature about these masks is that ordinary masks inhibit viruses and tiny microbes from entering the airways. But, the copper mask traps the microorganism, inhibiting it from entering the nose and mouth, and kills them 99.99% by the copper nanoparticle technology. The virus got combined with alpha virion and killed it.



These masks are also called viricidal masks as they kill viruses. They are practical and useable for up to several hours, while those surgical masks are only exemplary and efficient up to a maximum of two hours. So if the doctors and staff are wearing the standard surgical masks in intensive care units, they have to wear several layers of those surgical masks that are pretty suffocating. The total hospital costs can be reduced as if copper masks are being used, then only one mask is required rather than wearing several surgical masks.



The copper face masks are not prone to cause transmittance when they are discarded, as they are self-sterilizing. The nanoparticle copper layer kills the virus and microbes that cannot cause any damage to others once they are trapped in the copper mask layer. So there is no infection risk from the copper masks upon disposable.



Copper face masks have been tested by the independent laboratory and UK University and have proven to be effective against dangerous viruses like corona virus and influenza virus. European regulatory authorities have approved these masks, and now they are with the CE mark.



The aim and goal behind making these masks were to deposit a layer of copper on both inside and outside woven fabrics of the mask by using a twin wire technology. This copper-coated layer is then used in one of the layers of the fabric of reusable face masks. It was assumed that the copper layer inside the fabric reusable face mask will not hinder the filtration and do not cause breathing problems. But it will be able to kill most of the viruses and pathogens within few minutes.


Inserting the copper nanoparticle layer inside the reusable fabric face mask will provide a proactive and constant fight against harmful pathogens without changing any physical barrier properties of the masks themselves.



The anti-microbial properties of copper have been tested since ancient times. The Egyptians used it in their wounds to speed up healing and reduce the chances of inflammation and infections.


The foundation of copper face masks was to protect health care professionals and front-line warriors from harmful microbes, especially during pandemics. The life and protection of the health care professionals, co-workers, and other warriors are significant.

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