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Tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan singing bowl set

Tibetan singing bowl set emit very pure tones, close to sine waves. Their sound is a synonym of purity for our ears. Like a bell, the tone is produced by striking the side of the bowl with a wooden mallet.

corporate cooking event

The Top Tips For a Great Corporate Event

When planning your company event it's always wise to start at the earliest possible opportunity. This alone can be the make or break in ensuring that your event and any event for that matter is a success. Ensure to factor in any requirem...

Fantasy cricket

Most valuable players in each IPL auctions

Indian Premier League is the most entertaining cricket among all other sports in the world. Totally eight franchise teams will be participating in every auction and the franchises try to get high profile players from around the world. So...

10 Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice not only quenches thirst in summer, but also protects the body due to its medicinal properties. You will be surprised to know that it can prevent from dental problems to fatal diseases like cancer. It contains essential ...

little italy food tour,san francisco walking tours

Young People Travel Tips

It's fundamental to ponder travel security rules for seniors before beginning that journey. Seniors craving to travel alone or with partners need to consider general security safety measures and travel tips.