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Explainer video company

3D Medical animation video

We are an Explainer Video Company. That’s just got simplified to what we are best at and it’s cleaner than a long list of descriptors. We produce beautiful Explainer Videos which can add fuel to drive your Business

embroidery digitizing

How Embroidery Digitizing Has Evolved in US?

BitsnPixs, based in Georgia, United States has been offering the best digitizing artwork for embroidery and vector conversion since 2012 with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, which has helped it earn a premier position in the ...

How To Draw People

Use easy but colorful pencils to attract people online. Bear in mind the value of eraser as you regularly want customization to attract people. Try to have a sturdy grip on few equipment on line as an example coral draw, dream weaver, Ph...

sugarfree cake


The best moments in life undoubtedly include for the most part a sweet presence; that is, a good piece of cake. Bliss becomes perfect when that slice is sugar and gluten free. Thanks to Crave, the best sugarfree cake is available.