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Recipe of Chow Mein

Recipe of Chow Mein

Unlike the other continental noodles. Chow Mein is a very unique kind of dish and is loved by each and everyone in the world. As the noodles used in this dish are thin and blended with the rich veggies. The hidden surprises in this dish ...

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Why Mother's Day Gift Is Important?

To explain the importance of Mothers in our life is quite difficult. Her worth cannot ne molded in few words or sentences. She is the one who adds a new life on this earth. She does the work of 10 people for 10 people alone without even ...

Recipe of Fujian Red Wine Chicken

Recipe of Fujian Red Wine Chicken

It is one of the northern Chinese traditional foods. It is also known as dish for birthdays. This red wine chicken dish is cooked and served at the time of birthday celebrations as a traditional value. It is rich in taste and is very eas...

Bulgarian Rakia Drink

Raise a toast with the Bulgarian rakia

What bourbon is to America and sake is to Japan rakia is to Bulgaria. There is a popular saying in Bulgaria that a “psychotherapist can help you with your problems, but rakia is cheaper!” That is how Bulgarians feel about their nati...

Top 5 Indian Dishes

Top 5 Best Indian Food Recipes

Top 5 Indian Dish With Ingredients And Recipes  Today we bring you some recommendations of essential Indian dishes, especially dedicated to all those who are attracted and want to start in Indian cuisine but do not know very well where...

Double Cooked Pork

Recipe of Double Cooked Pork

This dish is very rich in taste and aroma. It is loved by one and all. Double cooked pork is famous with a famous saying;”If you didn’t have twice cooked pork then you have never been to Szechuan”. This dish is cooked two times in ...

Tips to Stay Cool in Summers

Tips to Stay Cool in Summers

Summer is the most tiring season across the year because it sucks so much water out of our bodies. The scorching heat teases us all day long. Our body needs extra care to survive through these dry months of May - September.