11 Resume writing tips to put you ahead of the competition

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11 Resume writing tips to put you ahead of the competition

Your resume is probably high on your mind – if you are thinking of taking a new step in your career. There are numerous questions one should ask before resume writing. Some of the major ones include –

  • When was the last time you updated your resume?
  • How will you transfer skills from your current job industry to a new one?
  • How will you set yourself apart from other candidates?
  • How long will the resume process be?

Answering these questions can be daunting, and the thought of crafting everything to create an interview-worthy resume can be exhausting. Fear not! With the help of the best resume writers, we’ve come up with -

11 crucial resume writing tips that will help you get closer to success

  1. Keep it to a single page – unless you are applying to be an executive or a partner somewhere, sticking to a single page is widely accepted as the “best practice”. A hiring manager might not even get to the second page. Remember the purpose of your resume – and do NOT showcase everything.
  2. Eliminate typo or grammatical errors – Some of the recruiters discount a resume if they find a typo or grammar error. Get someone experienced to proofread it, besides just going through your resume all by yourself. This is a must practice!
  3. Easy to read – You might be tempted to change the font size to get your resume to fit on a single page. While you can do that, but remember to not go below 10-point font. Your resume should be easy to read.
  4. Organized & visually appealing – Since an employer spends only 6 seconds looking at your resume – you must maximize that time by drafting it with the help of resume maker Toronto to make it super clean and easy to read. Use titles and bold texts wherever necessary.
  5. Consistency – You need to keep the formatting consistent, just as you want your verb tenses to be. If one bullet has a period, others should also feature the same. If one title is bold, the other titles should be bold too.
  6. Include context – Make sure you include context when you list your work experience. State, city, or country, the job took place in. The dates you have for these experiences. Context matters!
  7. Quantify – Anyone can claim that he or she has excelled at their last job. You need to prove the same to your hiring manager – by stating numbers, percentages and supporting documents showing that you hold a track record of success.
  8. Name drop – If you got a promotion or a raise because of your performance, don’t resist bragging about it. It shows confidence and capability. Make sure you do NOT exaggerate and state the facts accurately.
  9. Don’t include references - Do not waste the limited space that you get, to include names and contact of the references in your resume. If only requested by the employer to speak to these references, they will reach out to you and ask for those names.
  10. Use your judgments - When it comes to creativity, some industries are far more creative than others. It makes more sense for your resume to be colored if you work in a design or digital media industry.
  11. Think from the employer’s perspective – Remember that a real person reading your resume. Also, it’s their job to find top-notch awesome candidates and add them to the team. Craft your resume in a way – that the employer believes that you are perfect for the job.

Where to get resumes done professionally?

Many of the above-mentioned tips will get you a general idea that your resume should exclusively tell the story of you. If you still have trouble coming up with that “perfect resume” – you can find some of the best Resume Building Toronto right here!

All the best!

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